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Dr Srimal Fernando Research Fellow
Dr Armin Rosencranz Professor
Dr Sriparna Pathak Assistant Professor
Dr Jagdish Batra Professor
Ms Dipika Jain Associate Professor
Dr Anirban Ganguly Associate Professor
Dr James J. Nedumpara Associate Professor
Dr John Robert Clammer Professor
Dr Pallavi Kishore Professor
Dr Sanjeev P. Sahni Professor
Dr Rajesh Chakrabarti Professor and Dean
Dr Jangirala Srinivas Assistant Professor
Dr Derick H. Lindquist Associate Professor
Dr Sriroop Chaudhuri Assistant Professor
Dr Anirban Ganguly Associate Professor
Dr Abhiroop Chowdhury Assistant Professor
Dr Ashish Trivedi Assistant Professor
Dr Mimi Roy Assistant Professor
Dr John Robert Clammer Professor
Dr Mohita Anant Junnarkar Associate Professor


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