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Dr Laknath Jayasinghe

Professor Brand management, consumer behaviour, and integrat... View Profile

Dr Paribhasha Sharma

Professor Urban management, public policy, business ethics, ... View Profile

Dr Anirban Ganguly

Professor Operations & supply chain management, technology a... View Profile

Dr Pankaj Gupta

Professor Corporate Relations, Career Services & Institution... View Profile

Dr Asim Talukdar

Professor Dr. Talukdar has more than 33 years of industry ex... View Profile

Prof Ravi Agarwal

Professor Management Practice ... View Profile

Dr Brajesh Kumar

Professor Economics and Finance, Derivatives Markets, Time-s... View Profile

Dr Saroj Koul

Professor With a demonstrated interdisciplinary background ... View Profile

Dr Krishan Kumar Pandey

Professor Statistics and Management; Data Mining; Business R... View Profile

Dr Mohit Yadav

Associate Professor Education Sustainability, Transformational Leaders... View Profile

Dr G . V. Radhakrishnan

Associate Professor Infrastructure Professional Privatization, M&As, F... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Chaudhary

Associate Professor Dr. Sanjay research interests include knowledge ma... View Profile

Dr Chitresh Kumar

Associate Professor His research interests are in the area of urban co... View Profile

Prof Jeremy Wade

Associate Professor Entrepreneurship education, future of work, comput... View Profile

Dr Diptiman Banerji

Associate Professor Social marketing, experimental method, and consume... View Profile

Dr Nivedita Haldar

Associate Professor Operations Management, Business Mathematics, Busin... View Profile

Dr Gunjan Mohan Sharma

Associate Professor His key teaching and research interests include HR... View Profile

Dr Manisha Mishra

Associate Professor Diversity and inclusion management, Reservations i... View Profile

Dr Tanushree Sharma

Associate Professor Human resource ... View Profile

Dr Ashish Dwivedi

Assistant Professor Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Pr... View Profile

Dr Anand Sharma

Assistant Professor Labour Economics, Industrial Economics, Urban Econ... View Profile

Dr Deepak Sangroya

Assistant Professor His research interest include B2B Marketing, Green... View Profile

Dr Sachin Kumar Mangla

Assistant Professor Dr Sachin is working in the field of Green and Sus... View Profile

Dr Sumedha Chauhan

Assistant Professor Dr. Sumedha Chauhan a faculty in the area of Manag... View Profile

Dr Apeksha Hooda

Assistant Professor IT innovation and diffusion, Technology adoption, ... View Profile

Dr Neha Garg

Assistant Professor She is a Doctoral from Indian Institute of Managem... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Vashishth

Assistant Professor Quality Management, Behavioral Operations Manageme... View Profile

Dr Aghila Sasidharan

Assistant Professor My primary research interest revolves around the a... View Profile

Dr Sunitha Ratnakaram

Assistant Professor Her research interests include social media and qu... View Profile

Prof Manzoor Ul Akram

Assistant Professor His research interests include family business ent... View Profile

Dr Arjun Chakravorty

Assistant Professor Employee burnout, Employee engagement, health and ... View Profile

Mr Vaibhav Aggarwal

Assistant Professor Stock Markets, Cryptocurrencies, Banking, Financ... View Profile

Dr Sonam Chawla

Assistant Professor Her research interests include gender diversity in... View Profile

Dr Shweta Aggarwal

Assistant Professor Management... View Profile

Dr Chitrakalpa Sen

Assistant Professor Chitrakalpa Sen’s primary area of research is th... View Profile

Dr Hanna Olasiuk

Assistant Professor Areas of Hanna’s scientific interests include co... View Profile

Dr Sudip Patra

Assistant Professor Quantum Like modelling in social sciences, Econoph... View Profile

Dr Siddharth Bhasker

Assistant Professor His research interests lie in Carbon pricing, Inte... View Profile

Dr Ashish Trivedi

Assistant Professor His research interest lies in disaster management,... View Profile

Dr Anshu Sharma

Assistant Professor Informal Learning; (Un)Ethical Behavior; Business ... View Profile

Dr Deepika Chandra Verma

Assistant Professor Her research interests lie in Innovation Economics... View Profile

Dr Rameshwar Arora

Assistant Professor His areas of interest are in the domain of corpora... View Profile

Dr Richa Shukla

Assistant Professor Feminist Phenomenology, Feminist Philosophy, Socia... View Profile

Dr Shubhomoy Banerjee

Assistant Professor Dr. Shubhomoy is a doctoral in the marketing area ... View Profile

Dr Rihana Shaik

Assistant Professor Management... View Profile

Dr Jangirala Srinivas

Assistant Professor My current research interests include cryptography... View Profile

Dr Janardan Krishna Yadav

Assistant Professor He is a Fellow of IIM-Kozhikode with specializatio... View Profile

Dr Venkamaraju Chakravaram

Faculty Dr. Venkamaraju is involved in International Accre... View Profile