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Dr C. Raj Kumar

Vice Chancellor Professor (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar, a Rhodes Scholar, is... View Profile

Dr Shilpi Bhattacharya

Professor Shilpi’s areas of interest are competition law, ... View Profile

Dr M Mohsin Alam Bhat

Professor Dr. Mohsin Alam Bhat is interested in combining mu... View Profile

Dr Ramin Jahanbegloo

Professor Prof. (Dr.) Ramin Jahanbegloo is a political philo... View Profile

Dr S. G. Sreejith

Professor International Law Theory and Philosophy of Law ... View Profile

Prof Avirup Bose

Professor Avirup has written extensively on various aspects ... View Profile

Dr Oleksandr Merezhko

Professor International Law, Sociology of Law, Psychological... View Profile

Dr Yinghong Huang

Professor Dr. Huang's scholarly interests include Gandhian S... View Profile

Dr Kenneth Holland

Professor Prof. (Dr.) Kenneth Holland specializes in establi... View Profile

Dr Prabhash Ranjan

Professor International Investment Law, International Trade ... View Profile

Dr Pankaj Jha

Professor Southeast Asia, international Security, Indo-Pacif... View Profile

Prof Ajay Pandey

Professor Clinical Legal Education Human Rights Internationa... View Profile

Prof Gudmundur Eiriksson

Professor Public International Law (in particular Law of the... View Profile

Dr Michael James Barnes

Professor Global business strategy, law in business, global ... View Profile

Dr Saumya Uma

Professor Dr. Uma teaches and researches at the intersection... View Profile

Prof Dipika Jain

Professor Jain’s research is at the intersection of Law an... View Profile

Prof Dabiru Sridhar Patnaik

Professor Legal Aspects of Humanitarian Affairs, Contemporar... View Profile

Dr Prabhakar Singh

Professor International law, International legal History, Ju... View Profile

Dr Sameena Dalwai

Professor Prof. (Dr.) Dalwai specializes in gender, sexualit... View Profile

Dr Vesselin Popovski

Professor Public International Law Human Rights Internationa... View Profile

Dr Vishwas H. Devaiah

Professor Prof. Vishwas primary areas of interest are patent... View Profile

Dr James J. Nedumpara

Professor International trade and regulatory laws, WTO law, ... View Profile

Dr Shiv Visvanathan

Professor Social anthropologist, Cognitive justice, urban st... View Profile

Dr Indranath Gupta

Professor Copyright, Information Technology Law, Contract La... View Profile

Dr Shivprasad Swaminathan

Professor legal philosophy, Jurisprudence and Contract law ... View Profile

Dr Pallavi Kishore

Professor Trade, Dispute Settlement, and Development Europe... View Profile

Dr Saloni Khanderia

Professor Her areas of specialisation are Private Internatio... View Profile

Dr Arjya B Majumdar

Professor Corporate law ,Mergers and acquisitions, capital m... View Profile

Prof Manasi Kumar

Professor Contract Law, Commercial Contract Drafing, Arbitra... View Profile

Mr Sushant Chandra

Adjunct Professor Sushant graduated at the top of his class at GNLU.... View Profile

Prof Shaun Star

Associate Professor His research interests are in the field of Sports ... View Profile

Dr Gaganpreet Singh

Associate Professor Marketing ... View Profile

Dr Aashita Dawer

Associate Professor She has been an Assistant Professor in the Faculty... View Profile

Dr Sumit Baudh

Associate Professor Law, human rights, caste, gender and sexuality ... View Profile

Dr Alexander Christoph Fischer

Associate Professor Comparative constitutional law with particular ref... View Profile

Dr Albeena Shakil

Associate Professor Alongside literature and theory, her research inte... View Profile

Prof Wenjuan Zhang

Associate Professor Lwyering for change, civil society development, co... View Profile

Dr Shankar Ramaswami

Associate Professor Global capitalism, urban ethnography, religion and... View Profile

Dr Mani Shekhar Singh

Associate Professor He has worked extensively on the sociology of art ... View Profile

Prof Manveen Singh

Associate Professor Dr. Manveen Singh is an Associate Professor & Asso... View Profile

Dr Charu Sharma

Associate Professor Environmental law, Tort business law, Sexual haras... View Profile

Dr Deblina Dey

Associate Professor Apart from gerontology and sociology of law, her o... View Profile

Prof Swati Malik

Associate Professor Her areas of interest include Family Law, Internat... View Profile

Prof Prateek Bhattacharya

Associate Professor Prateek’s exposure ranged from cases concerning ... View Profile

Dr Neha Mishra

Associate Professor Her research interest area is Human Rights Law; In... View Profile

Dr Manmeet Kaur

Associate Professor Her specialization includes corporate governance, ... View Profile

Dr Mizanur Rahaman

Associate Professor Intellectual property law, spatiality of law, tran... View Profile

Prof Abhishek Mishra

Associate Professor Prof. Abhishek Mishra is an Assistant Professor in... View Profile

Prof Jhuma Sen

Associate Professor Feminist Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Judici... View Profile

Dr Adithya Krishna Chintapanti

Associate Professor Law and Economic Regulation... View Profile

Prof Shivangi Gangwar

Associate Professor Her research interests include comparative constit... View Profile

Dr Aleksandar Milanov

Associate Professor Prof. Aleksandar Milanov is a legal researcher in ... View Profile

Dr Agnieszka Gora Blaszczykowska

Associate Professor Law... View Profile

Dr Arpita Gupta

Associate Professor Her research interests include Law and Development... View Profile

Dr Piyush Pranjal

Associate Professor His research interests include Brand Management, C... View Profile

Dr Samiparna Samanta

Associate Professor Indian Ocean, History of Science in the Global Con... View Profile

Dr Arun Sagar

Associate Professor Arun Sagar’s research interests are in the field... View Profile

Dr Mathew John

Associate Professor Public Law, Constitutionalism, Governance, Plurali... View Profile

Dr Chetan Sinha

Associate Professor Social Psychology, Business Psychology & Organiza... View Profile

Prof Khagesh Gautam

Associate Professor Indirect taxation, civil and criminal appellate, a... View Profile

Dr Keerty Nakray

Associate Professor Comparative Welfare Studies, Social Policy, Sociol... View Profile

Dr Arup K. Chatterjee

Associate Professor His interests are in the history of British imperi... View Profile

Dr Gitanjali Surendran

Associate Professor Her research interests include modern South Asian ... View Profile

Dr Upasana Mahanta

Associate Professor Dr. Mahanta’s research interests include role of... View Profile

Prof Anamika Srivastava

Associate Professor Economics of Education Education Policy ... View Profile

Prof Kinshuk Jha

Associate Professor Commercial Laws, particularly Corporate Laws and I... View Profile

Prof Sunita Tripathy

Associate Professor Issues interfacing intellectual property law and c... View Profile

Prof Nisha Nair

Assistant Professor Prof. Nisha Nair specializes in Educational planni... View Profile

Dr Aishwarya Pandit

Assistant Professor History of International Relations ... View Profile

Prof Deepak Varshney

Assistant Professor LAW... View Profile

Prof Anuranjan Sethi

Assistant Professor Taxation law, professional ethics, & legal philoso... View Profile

Dr Biswanath Gupta

Assistant Professor Dr. Gupta has been writing in international space ... View Profile

Ms Shilpa Singh Jaswant

Assistant Professor Her research work focuses on jurisdictions such as... View Profile

Prof Aditi .

Assistant Professor Her interest areas include Constitution Law, Elect... View Profile

Prof Apoorva Sharma

Assistant Professor Postcolonial feminism, multiculturalism and law an... View Profile

Prof Sakshat Bansal

Assistant Professor His areas of interest include Corporate Law, Intel... View Profile

Prof Thibault G. E. Weigelt

Assistant Professor His research focuses on health, public morality an... View Profile

Prof Shama Abbasi

Assistant Professor Islamic Feminism and the interface between State P... View Profile

Dr Avishek Konar

Assistant Professor He is an applied econometrician and his primary ar... View Profile

Dr Vanessa Chishti

Assistant Professor Dr. Chishti has studied political science and mode... View Profile

Dr Ishan Anand

Assistant Professor His research interests include agrarian studies, i... View Profile

Dr Arnab Bose

Assistant Professor Financial Gradients, Resilience Centers and Real O... View Profile

Prof Anshuman Shukla

Assistant Professor Constitutional and Administrative Law ... View Profile

Prof John Sebastian

Assistant Professor Jurisprudence and political theory, constitutional... View Profile

Prof Ajey Sangai

Assistant Professor Legal and political philosophy, comparative consti... View Profile

Prof Pankhudi Khandelwal

Assistant Professor Her areas of interest include competition law, e-c... View Profile

Mr Subhrajit Chanda

Assistant Professor Energy Law, International Trade Law, Sports Law a... View Profile

Prof Prajakta Kale

Assistant Professor Intersection of law, technology and society. She h... View Profile

Prof Daniel Stein

Assistant Professor Environmental law, Maritime Law, The Law of the Se... View Profile

Prof Pinki Mathur Anurag

Assistant Professor International human rights law and feminist engage... View Profile

Prof Oiswarjya Basu

Assistant Professor Investment arbitration, public international law a... View Profile

Prof Rahul Mohanty

Assistant Professor Rahul Mohanty specializes in International Law, an... View Profile

Dr Niyati Sharma

Assistant Professor Her research interests include nineteenth-century ... View Profile

Prof Raphael Pangalangan

Assistant Professor Human rights law and international criminal law... View Profile

Dr Aishwarya Subramanian

Assistant Professor Her research interests encompass popular children... View Profile

Dr Abhisek Sur

Assistant Professor Abhisek’s research interests are primarily in th... View Profile

Prof Anurag Bhaskar

Assistant Professor Anurag Bhaskar completed his LLM (2018-19) from Ha... View Profile

Ms Bhavinee Singh

Assistant Professor Her areas of interest are located at the intersect... View Profile

Prof Mayank Suri

Assistant Professor His research focus is to study the legal impact of... View Profile

Prof Sandrine De Herdt

Assistant Professor Her research interest is centered around Internati... View Profile

Prof Kshitij Bansal

Assistant Professor Prof. Kshitij Bansal specialises in International ... View Profile

Prof Gautam Mohanty

Assistant Professor His areas of interest include international commer... View Profile

Prof Vaibhav Chadha

Assistant Professor Freedom of speech and expression, privacy and surv... View Profile

Prof Jadumani Mahanand

Assistant Professor Contemporary Political Philosophy on liberal and c... View Profile

Dr Anjana Thampi

Assistant Professor She works on the areas of food security, nutrition... View Profile

Prof Sannoy Das

Assistant Professor International Trade, Philosophy of Law, Political ... View Profile

Dr Madhumita Das

Assistant Professor Political Theory, International Relations Theory ... View Profile

Prof Krithika Ashok

Assistant Professor Economic Regulation, Judicial Behaviour ... View Profile

Dr Vibha Hetu

Assistant Professor Criminal Psychology... View Profile

Dr Anjana Hazarika

Assistant Professor Intellectual Property Law ... View Profile

Prof Danish Sheikh

Assistant Professor He works at the Alternative Law Forum where he wor... View Profile

Prof Rohini Sen

Assistant Professor Rohini’s broad research interests are Critical I... View Profile

Prof Aditya Swarup

Assistant Professor Commercial law ... View Profile

Dr Oishik Sircar

Assistant Professor Intersection of law and cinema, Cultural studies o... View Profile

Prof Saptarshi Mandal

Assistant Professor Family law, disability and mental health law, law ... View Profile

Prof Severyna Magill

Assistant Professor Women's human rights, domestic violence, reproduct... View Profile

Prof Amit Bindal

Assistant Professor Law of Crimes, Law of Evidence, Constitutional Law... View Profile

Dr Shilpi Sharma

Assistant Professor Special Needs (autism), child development, Psychom... View Profile

Ms Anupama Sharma

Assistant Professor Her research interests include Criminal Justice, F... View Profile

Dr Kalyani Unkule

Assistant Professor Economics and Social Work ... View Profile

Prof Kavana Ramaswamy

Assistant Professor Human Rights Research, Legal Writing, Internationa... View Profile

Prof Ashrita Prasad Kotha

Assistant Professor Taxation law and constitutional law, fiscal federa... View Profile

Prof Ishita Sharma

Assistant Professor Competition Law, Criminal Law and Intellectual Pr... View Profile

Prof Satya Prateek

Assistant Professor His academic interests lie in public law and polit... View Profile

Prof Arpan Banerjee

Assistant Professor Arpan’s main areas of interest are IP law (focus... View Profile

Prof Natasha Nayak

Assistant Professor LAW... View Profile

Ms Sanskriti Sanghi

Lecturer International, comparative, and constitutional law... View Profile

Mr Mayank Kataria

Lecturer I.T and cyber Law, Negotiations, Arbitration, Medi... View Profile

Mr Aashish Yadav

Lecturer His research interests lie in the areas of interna... View Profile

Ms Nimisha Thomas

Lecturer Commercial and construction arbitration, human rig... View Profile

Mr Malcolm Katrak

Lecturer His primary research interests include arbitration... View Profile

Mr Ylli Dautaj

Lecturer Arbitration practitioner & Lecturer in law.... View Profile

Ms Medhavi Singh

Lecturer Intellectual Property Law and International Commer... View Profile

Ms Ankita Gandhi

Lecturer Her areas of interest include legal theory, consti... View Profile

Ms Bhavneet Kaur

Lecturer Her research interests include social anthropology... View Profile

Ms Ramanathan Anjana

Lecturer Her research interests are Adivasi rights, violenc... View Profile

Ms Aishwarya Pagedar

Lecturer Specialising in international human rights, jurisp... View Profile

Ms Vandana Gyanchandani

Lecturer Her research interests lie in the field of ‘Inte... View Profile

Mr Mohammad Aquil

Lecturer Aquil is a historian by training and has experienc... View Profile

Ms Abhilasha Ramakrishnan

Lecturer Her research interests are human rights law and pu... View Profile

Ms Shraddha Chaudhary

Lecturer She is broadly interested in criminal law, her cor... View Profile

Ms Kanika Jamwal

Lecturer Her research interests include, domestic, internat... View Profile

Ms Rishika Kaushik

Assistant Lecturer Her research interests wander around Queer theory,... View Profile

Ms Pallavi Rajpal

Assistant Lecturer Her research interests are company law, corporate ... View Profile

Ms Shruti Sahni

Faculty Her area of interest are criminal laws, property l... View Profile

Dr David K. C. Huang

Faculty Dr. David specializes in constitutional law, admin... View Profile

Ms Pratibha Tandon

Assistant Lecturer Her areas of interest include International Invest... View Profile