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Dr Milindo Chakrabarti

Professor Prof. (Dr.) Milindo Chakrabarti has distinguished ... View Profile

Dr Swagato Sarkar

Professor Political Anthropology, Continental Political Theo... View Profile

Dr Bhuvaneswari Raman

Professor Prof. (Dr.) Bhuvaneswari is trained in architectur... View Profile

Prof Rajeev Malhotra

Professor Macroeconomic issues in Development, Human Develop... View Profile

Dr Vinod Vyasulu

Professor Development studies, science and technology policy... View Profile

Prof Ramaswamy Sudarshan

Professor Public policy and development programmes: Design, ... View Profile

Dr Kaveri Ishwar Haritas

Associate Professor Urban poverty, gender and development, social move... View Profile

Prof Geeta Sinha

Associate Professor She worked extensively in livelihoods and enterpri... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Guin

Associate Professor Public Policy, Public health, Environmental Health... View Profile

Dr Subhasish Ray

Associate Professor Dr. Subhasish Ray received a PhD in Political Scie... View Profile

Dr Annika Bose Styczynski

Associate Professor Dr. Annika Bose Styczynski is Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Indranil Mukhopadhyay

Associate Professor Indranil works on various themes related to health... View Profile

Dr Vivek Ujire Padvetnaya

Associate Professor Health Policy, Economics of Health, Health Financi... View Profile

Dr Sumeet Mhaskar

Associate Professor Labouring in the formal and informal economy, migr... View Profile

Dr Komal Sahai

Assistant Professor Intersection of Economics of Education and Economi... View Profile

Dr Sunaina Dhingra

Assistant Professor Her research interests are in the area of developm... View Profile

Dr Manini Ojha

Assistant Professor Her areas of research interest lie in the fields o... View Profile

Dr Sonali Roy

Assistant Professor Her present research spans over the area of social... View Profile

Dr Krishanu Karmakar

Assistant Professor His research focuses on theories of public budgeti... View Profile

Prof Debajit Jha

Assistant Professor His primary research interest is empirical growth ... View Profile