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Dr Mimi Roy

Professor Dr. Roy has worked with the environmental effects ... View Profile

Dr John Robert Clammer

Professor Dr. Clammer has taught and researched all around t... View Profile

Dr Jayani Bonnerjee

Professor Postcolonial urbanisms; Critical geographies of mi... View Profile

Dr Sriroop Chaudhuri

Professor Prof. (Dr.) Sriroop specializes on issues of water... View Profile

Dr Mariya Jilinskaya Pandey

Associate Professor Differential Psychology; Measurement; Existential ... View Profile

Dr Abhijit Banerjee

Associate Professor His expertise on resource efficiency/circular econ... View Profile

Dr Nandini Dhar

Associate Professor As a comparatist specializing in late 20th and 21s... View Profile

Prof Gargi Bharadwaj

Associate Professor Her research interests are in the areas of cultura... View Profile

Dr Arun Kumar Kaushik

Associate Professor His primary research areas are intellectual proper... View Profile

Dr Maaz Bin Bilal

Associate Professor Dr. Maaz Bin Bilal is a poet, translator, and cult... View Profile

Dr Rukmini Pande

Associate Professor Digital Humanities, Popular Culture, Postcolonial ... View Profile

Dr Yugank Goyal

Associate Professor Dr. Goyal enjoys doing interdisciplinary research ... View Profile

Prof Deepanshu Mohan

Associate Professor Economic History, Political Economy of Late Develo... View Profile

Dr Aliya Naz

Assistant Professor Prof. (Dr.) Aliya Naz is an Assistant Professor at... View Profile

Dr Sriti Ganguly

Assistant Professor A researcher interested in understanding education... View Profile

Dr Lipika Kamra

Assistant Professor Anthropology of the state and democracy; politics ... View Profile

Dr Dony Alex

Assistant Professor Dony’s main research areas of interest are in ap... View Profile

Dr Nick Lee

Assistant Professor His primary area of interest is the impact of mind... View Profile